Cgi & Scripting Policy

Each Websites & More Hosting account comes with its own fully equipped pre-configured cgi-bin, except Cloud based accounts. All scripts on Cloud sites need to use php scripts.

Customers are free to use any cgi-scripts that you wish or purchase scripts online. A great site to find scripts online is Cgi Resources. If you need help finding, installing, or configuring a script you have purchased we would be glad to help you out.

Any CGI-scripts deemed to be adversely affecting the server performance or the network integrity may be shut down without prior notice. We will notify you if we notice that you are running a dangerous script.

CGI-script sharing with domains not hosted by Websites & More is not allowed. Abuse of the system via ANY script/program/code will result in a $100.00 fine, and/or termination of service.

Company & Client Hosting Policies


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