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Managed Domain Name Services

Websites & More offers Managed Domain Name Services for our clients. We offer this servive to protect our clients as a layer of protection and it is automatically included with every domain name that we purchase for our clients. We Register the domain in your name, but using our email address as all other contacts unless you specifically ask us to do it differently. There are marketing companies that illegally use the WhoIs database to spam, and mail junk to website owners and that is how they gather your information. This is just another way we try and protect our clients. Currently we charge $20.00 for domain names, per year. We automatically invoice you every year for the domain 60 days before the name expires, so we have the money in house to renew the name on-time. We have so many names to renew every for clients we do them once a month. Because the 60 days is needed for; invoicing the client, receiving client payment, then renewing the domain name process all takes time.


If you had us purchase any domain names for you, and you choose to transfer to another host: we will not transfer your name(s) for you. We will however, update the admin email address to yours and unlock the domain name and send authentication codes upon your request. Then the transfer is completely up to you and your new hosting company. We will do these modifications to the domain account at anytime, as long as your account is paid in-full.

We will not maintain the registration of "any" domain name(s) of a former clients. The client has 30 days to complete the transfer to their registrar of choice or W&M Holdings, Inc. will cancel the registration of the domain name. This means you will have to wait the interim period set by ICANN and then try and purchase the name again from the open registry. Therefore, it is very important to complete the transfer process in a timely manner.

If a client leaves Websites & More for any reason, owing us money, any domain names registered by us for you will become the property of W&M Holdings, Inc. W&M Holdings, Inc. then has the right to delete, sell, or give away the domain names in order to recover the bad debt and damages owed.

W&M Holdings, Inc. Domain Names

W&M Holdings, Inc. owns and operates several domain names for our own use and client development. Several of these names point to this company website. Some of these names are:


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