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Copyrighted Material Policy

Domain Names

W&M Holdings Inc, does not condone any behavior that infringes on any person or companies; copyright, trademark, service mark, or similar rights. If you use a domain name in connection with your website that a company deems too similar you will have to work it out with that party.

Website Design

Unless a client purchases an "exclusive" design from W&M Holdings, Inc. the client does not own the exclusive rights to that design and W&M Holdings, Inc. reserves the right to reuse that design or any rendition of it, if we choose to do so. Large Custom designs usually range in price from $2,000.00 to $5,000.00. and will never be reused on another website if an exclusive design is purchased. Websites & More considers the original source files of; Adobe .psd, Illustrator, Adobe Animate to be the property of W&M Holdings, Inc.; and therefore, proprietary information. We will not release these files outside of this office unless an exclusive design is purchased from us. However, the webpages and code written for the client are completely the property of the client and will be released to the client via ftp, or via email in a zip file upon request whenever they ask as long as their account is paid in full.

If a client chooses to leave our company, they may do so at anytime. We will also release these files in the same manner to them and them only. We do not deal with a client's new host. That is up to the client themselves to setup and move the website, not us. We will only release these files to the client. It will be up to you to provide the files to your new host.

Website & More Copyrights

Specific files created for clients websites, media layouts, television ads, and magazines are specifically for those purposes and can not be resold without the permission of W&M Holdings, Inc. Those works are protected under the United States Copyright Laws and are the property of the creator (W&M Holdings, Inc.). For more information, please visit the US Copyright Office website.

Websites & More provides the information on this site and our clients sites to be read by anyone, but retains the copyright on all text and graphics. To use this information in any other way, you must strictly follow the guidelines below.

Use by Individuals

As long as it is for your own "personal use" only, you may print copies of this information, store the files on your computer, and use hypertext links to reference the information. However, if you publish material from the Websites & More site or one of our clients' websites, you must request permission.

Licensing and Reprint Rights

If you wish to purchase a license or reprint any of the information on this site or a clients' site, for non-Internet use (for example, as part of an menu, article, book or pamphlet, or website etc..), contact us.

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