Account Suspensions

All accounts must be paid in full each month within 30 days or face account suspension. Accounts may be terminated or a shut off or non-payment. A message can and may be posted on a website hosting account or redirected to if an account is not paid for more than 45 days. If an account is not paid after 60 days - it will be terminated and not be re-activated. You will have to transfer your website to another host.

If a client has a consistent bad payment history with us, we may only give a 24-hour notice of account suspension and or termination.

You will still be responsible to pay your account balance to W&M Holdings, Inc in full. No domain names will be transferred or files sent until all account balances and are paid in full.

Please See: Cancellations by Websites & More - Domain Names

If a payment is returned for insufficient funds a $25.00 fee will be charged - no exceptions. Websites & More reserves the right to refuse to provide service, to anyone, any business for any reason.

If an account is suspended by Websites & More, there is an $50.00 re-activation fee, in addition to all money owed on the account. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid up front.

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